Saturday, December 18, 2010

Oh, lord.

South Africa have scored 200+ runs in the first session.

Two hundred runs... !

Surely - although I wouldn't have imagined the likes of Ishant, Sreesanth and Unadkat matching up to Steyn, Morkel and Kallis - we can't have bowled as badly as all that?

Except we did, and it hurts.

I'll put together a more coherent post later, but right now? SA 640/4 dec (WTF my brain's short-circuiting) and Sehwag and Gambhir are out there, and scoring boundaries. Get the adrenaline pumpin', boys. Save some face.


eyeography said...

I feel so sad..
I don't want to see the match anymore.. :(

Maithreyi said...

I feel you.

On the other hand, from a less biased viewpoint, it IS very entertaining to see India put up a fight, and to see how long they last.