Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Anniversary thingamajig

So it was when I was reading this post by Leela that I realised something very startling: it has actually been over a year since I started writing this blog (from Oct 5 '08, to be precise).

Not that I've blogged a whole lot, but still, it's been fun, y'know?

Discovered the cricketing blogosphere only July last year, where knowledgeable and entertaining perspectives were given on the game without creaking and tottering in the narrow grip of professional diplomacy.

I figured that since I had a compulsion to write about anything and everything that interested me (leading to quite a few embarrassing moments as my careless scribblings would be invariably be discovered by somebody else in the household) I might as well start one of my own. Let the snark and the fangirling flow. Being a lurker myself, I didn't expect anybody else to read this, let alone make like-minded friends, but I'm glad to have been proved wrong. :D

So... yeah. Yay me.

Addendum: Apparently the BCCI has banned the Services team from the rest of the Ranji tournament as they refused to appear for a match against J&K in Srinagar owing to 'security reasons'.

Am I the only one who burst out laughing at the irony in that one? If I'm right, 'Services' is supposed to represent the army.

Oh well.

Addendum 2: Oh, and today's the fifth ODI between Ind and Aus, in Hyderabad, if I remember right. It's been pouring cats and dogs in Chennai over the past week, let's hope the weather is kinder there.

Also also, Peter Siddle has gone home with injury, and Henriques is down too. Why oh why couldn't it have been Doug Bollinger?

Also hoping to see Tyagi instead of Ishant today. It won't happen, but I can hope.

Addendum 3:
Also apparently, in the newest "Let's beautify the Marina!" wave, cricket on the Marina has been banned.

Now, I've never actually played cricket there, but I know a lot of my cousins and friends do, so I express my Obligatory Incredulous Outrage on their behalf.

Thank you.


Megha said...

Congrats on your blog-a-versary Maithreyi! :)

What is it about Oct/Nov that makes people start blogging? SP, Leela, you n me to name a few....

Maithreyi said...


Thank you! :)

I'd been thinking of blogging for months before the Border-Gavaskar trophy this time last year spurred me into finally posting.

Also, it's this time every year that the cricket season gets going in earnest, so it might be related to that, I dunno.

straight point said...

congratulations on completing a year maithreyi... keep the posts coming!

megha... its not only the players who love the cozy whether of october after the harsh summer... :)

Maithreyi said...

Thanks, SP - will do! *salutes*

Homer said...

Well played maccha! Happy Anniversary!


Maithreyi said...

Thanks muchly, Homer!

Careful - that "maccha" can get pretty addicting.

Leela said...


Happy Blogging!

Maithreyi said...

Thanks, Leela! :)